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The Crossing, Dr Shreepali Patel

Common Ground activity in focus: The Crossing

Dr Sheepali Patel, Cambridge School of Art, ARU:

“The written feedback to the project was overwhelming”.

The Crossing forms a strand of my research focus on Creative Communication, exploring the cross-disciplinary potential of existing and emerging audio-visual technologies and challenging traditional narrative conventions in engaging audiences with story and subject matter.

The research team and I had been constructing The Crossing for two years as such we approached the AHRC Common Ground Event with nervous anticipation. At the heart of our multi-screen installation, is the story of a young trafficked girl, which unfolds through a number of visual and sonic layers. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach, the project aimed to exploit the potential of live action, drone filming, visual effects and an immersive perspective shifting sound design through the 3Sixty’s wrap-around screens and using blue-tooth headphones to isolate the audience experience. The aim of the project was to explore the concept of ‘hope’ and it’s gradual unfurling reality into an exploitation of trust to perpetuate an illegal $150 billion worldwide industry which trades in people.

The Crossing, 3Sixty, Ron Cooke Hub

The written feedback to the project was overwhelming. The spatial impact of the 8 metre diagonal screens and the mirrored drone footage, combined with intimate audio experience created an unsettling physical reaction in the audience but also seemed to intensify the understanding of the complex issues involved in sex trafficking. It was rewarding to finally see the project in such a space and achieve and engage in a constructive dialogue with other researchers and members of the public.

Dr Shreepali Patel is an academic and filmmaker. The Crossing is currently being developed as an interactive project to be used in PHSE studies within Secondary School curriculum.


Venue in Focus: the Ron Cooke Hub

We are delighted at the prospect of our first national gathering on Common Ground being hosted by the University of York’s wonderful Ron Cooke Hub.

The hub is, in their words; ‘a 7000 sq ft ‘melting pot’ for engagement. Its design encourages discussion and interaction, bringing people together across disciplines and sectors, from within and outside the university, providing space for new, value-adding ideas and partnerships to blossom’. This ethos fits with the aspirations of our event, making it an ideal venue for our first gathering.

Floating lake pods, wide open spaces and state of the art facilities, make for an architecturally engaging venue. The possibilities for activities here are almost endless. We’ve detailed the hub’s rooms in this venue zone guide to give you insights into the practicalities and possibilities of each space. It also outlines some ideas for potential activities in each zone.

Take a look and start thinking of creative proposals that you could submit to our Call for Participants.

Hub highlights:

Ron Cooke Hub AtriumThe atrium is a flexible and vast open area. It will host the Demonstrate zone. This space is ideal for exhibition-style stands, from which you can demonstrate new research, skills, and technology with aim of information exchange. The more imaginative the presentation, the more suitable it will be, for exhibition stands with an emphasis on objects, new technology, and hands-on experience.

Ron Cooke Hub 3SixtyThe 3Sixty is an innovative and immersive space. Four walls, four projectors, and surround sound. This facility presents all manner of potential for visual experimentation and interaction in 360°. There is plenty of documentation regarding tech specs and how to produce content for delivery in the round. We look forward to hearing your ideas for this exciting space.

Also of note, the lecture theatre offers a large screen for presentations for an audience up to 220, in the Stimulate zone. Panoramic views over the campus are a feature of the Lakehouse Debate zone. The Island of Interaction has an open vantage point overlooking the atrium and will host collaborative workshops, and other activities you can think up for Collaborate. Co-create offers the opportunity for artists to get creative at the event, with live arts production and potential provision of hands-on participation for co-produced works. And, the funky lake pods offer spaces that are up for ‘any’ ideas that you put forward that are in the spirit of the Commons…

Enter our Call for Participants. We look forward to learning of your proposals.

Call for Event Participants

Common Ground: Call for Event Participants

Common Ground: the first national gathering of the AHRC Commons

21st June 2016, 10am-6pm, Ron Cooke Hub, University of York
On Midsummer’s Eve, hundreds of members of the AHRC Commons will gather at the first ever event of its kind – Common Ground.

The Call for Participants is now open here
and will close on 29th March.

Individuals or groups at any career stage, from any sector or discipline are welcome to submit applications to participate in this event.

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