Lunch with Family, Romana Turina

Common Ground volunteer shortlisted for prestigious award

We are pleased and proud to announce that Romana Turina has been shortlisted for the AHRC’s Research in Film Awards, in the Inspiration category. Romana, one of our wonderful Common Ground volunteers, tells us:

The experience as a volunteer at the AHRC Creative Commons was inspiring. As researchers, we often work alone, and we might not have many occasions in which to come together in a gathering dedicated to each and every kind of research in the humanities. The range of projects and the quality of the research represented gave me a clear idea of the academic landscape in the UK. This revealed itself particularly important in deciding if my work would be well suited to participate in the AHRC Research in Film Awards 2016.

Lunch with Family, Romana TurinaLunch with Family (Turina, 2016) is one of the essay films I created for a PhD by practice, and it sprang from intensive archival research in Italy, Slovenia and the UK. The film is about the journey of discovery that a British veteran put me on when he asked me if I knew Vladimir Turina. I had no idea if this man was a spy or a freedom fighter, an Italian or a Slovenian. What is more, I had never heard his name in my family! The discovery changed my sense of identity forever and uncovered some very difficult Italian history of the period 1918-1945, which has been silenced.

Then, came the news of the film being shortlisted at the AHRC Research in Film Awards 2016. It was a great surprise, and I am delighted! The most important aspect of it is the audience that this nomination will bring to the project, as the niche of history I am exploring, and the concept of post-memory that it brings forward are not exactly mainstream.

Romana Turina
Department of Theatre, Film and Television
University of York